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Join the Prosthetic Mobility Study today.

receive $50 for participating

60-90 minutes of your time

Help us improve prosthetic care

About the study.

Performance tests can provide a clinician with valuable information about a prosthesis user’s mobility. These tests are often used at a prosthetics clinic, but can take a long time to administer or include tasks that are not appropriate for all types of people. This study is being conducted in order to develop a new test that can be administered quickly, provides clinicians with useful information, and measures mobility across a broad range of users. The test developed for this study will be free for clinicians and researchers to use when the study is complete.

Is this study right for me?

You may be eligible to participate if you…

Our study coordinators can answer any questions you might have
and help you determine if this study is a good fit for you.   

What to expect...

If you choose to participate, you will be asked to attend a single 60-90 minute session at a local clinic or meeting space. The session will consist of the following activities:


Consent to participate and complete a survey

After learning about the study from our staff, you will be asked to sign a consent form and complete a survey with questions about your health.


Provide information about using your prosthesis

A research team member will check your vitals, record body measurements, and ask questions about activities you do on a regular basis.


Complete a variety
of physical activities

A staff member will guide you through the test by providing instructions and a demonstration for each task. Some tasks may seem easy, and others may be more challenging. Examples of the activities include standing in place for 30 seconds, rising from a chair, walking short distances, and stepping over objects.


Receive $50 for participating

After you complete the test, or choose to stop, you will receive $50 and a huge thank you from our research team!


Sign up today.

We have limited time slots available at each study location.
Please contact us to make an appointment using any of the methods below.

The easiest way to sign up or ask questions is to give us a call at
1-800-504-0564. We are generally available Mon-Fri 8am-5pm (PST).


You can also let us know you are interested in joining the study by sending an email to

Find us onsite

We would prefer that you sign up beforehand, but if you are unable to, visit us onsite and we will try our best to accommodate.

We were previously scheduling appointments for a study in Pittsburgh on March 18th, and March 19th, 2020; however, due to uncertainties related to the COVID-19 virus, the study will be postponed. 

Thank you to everyone who signed up to participate, and to those who helped us by sharing information about the study. We will provide updates on the new testing dates in the near future.

Meet our team.

We are prosthetists, physical therapists, and researchers from the University of Washington and the University of Miami.
Brian Hafner

PhD, Principal Investigator
University of Washington

Sara Morgan

PhD, L/CPO, Co-Investigator
University of Washington

Bob Gailey

PhD, PT, Co-Investigator
University of Miami

Ignacio Gaunaurd

PhD, PT, MSPT, Co-Investigator
University of Miami

Anat Kristal

PT, MPT, Research Assistant
University of Miami

Geoff Balkman

L/CPO, MSPO, Research Assistant
University of Washington

Rachael Rosen

CPO, MPO, Research Assistant
University of Washington

Jessica Haynes

PT, DPT, Research Assistant
University of Miami


Participant goal


Participants to-date


Cities visited


Performance tasks completed

Preview the consent form.

You may want to read through the consent form before you participate, so you have a better understanding of the study.

Consent Form

This form provides information about the study and what you will be asked to do. By signing the form on the day of the study, you agree to volunteer for the study, with the understanding that you may withdraw at any time. The form also includes an option to allow photography and video recording during the session. You may choose to have no pictures or video taken, or you may choose to allow photography and video recording, and select one or more academic or educational purposes for which the images and video could be used.

If this study is not the right fit for you, but you are interested in participating in other research studies- or if you enjoyed your experience with this study and would like participate in a future study, please take a moment and join our list. The University of Washington Center on Outcomes Research in Rehabilitation (UWCORR) conducts research related to many aspects of rehabilitation, and we hope you can participate in the future!

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